Skinny (live)

by Matt Singer

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The girl is losing weight and no one notices
'cause everybody else is getting skinny skinny skinny
She can't procrastinate when life is such a mess
She'll work her body to the bone to fit into that mini

She saw it in her favorite thrift store window
Snugly fit on pornographic mannequin, oh yeah
Imagined herself in that perfect body
plasticky and hollow, hairless and reptilian

so the girl keeps losing weight she gets light in the head
and chalks it up as a casualty in a war that must be won
mother bangs her head and papa starts to preach
oh mom and dad your little girl just wants to have some fun

and everybody knows we play the game
and anyone could understand the shame
the constant fear of eating all alone
it's natural to find someone to blame
but we know it's gonna happen all the same
that girl has found a way to turn herself to skin and bone, oh yeah

the girl is losing weight the boys all turn their heads
everybody wants a piece of skinny skinny skinny, oh
they mustn't hesitate to get right out of bed
set their minds to be the one with skinny skinny skinny, oh
the girl is losing weight her friends are freaking out
everybody wishes she was skinny skinny skinny too
they mustn't hesitate to snuff the competition out
gonna put a dagger in that skinny skinny skinny
our lives would be so simple as a skinny skinny skinny
my life would be so simple as a skinny skinny skinny skinny

plasticky and hollow, hairless and reptilian




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Matt Singer Brooklyn, New York

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